Krozairs of Kregen

since 1987


Since nearly a quarter-centuary we are taking part of the Mastiff Comunits. Much has happend in such a long of time. The breed changed a littel bit, the comunity changed a lot and we changed from a caring owner to a responsible Breeder.
To give you a picture of our basic princibles we decided to put it toghter in a small text for your to read.

Follow this link to read about our development

Further on we want to show you our dearest Dogs which are no longer taking part in the breeding.



Trevabyn Christobell Dayra


Dayra was my Dad's darling and our best friend.
She enriches our lives with her friendly and uncomplicated nature. She loved to bring shopping bags from the car into the house, she did that all neatly without nibbling or chewing on the shopping bags. It even happend that we bought things only for her to carry when we went on a trip to make her happy.


We still miss her.


Cheldur of the Cheviot Hills


Cheldur used to be the shadow of my mum. He followed her everywhere. He helped my handicaped Sister to learn walking and never complained about her stepping on this pawns or if she pulled herself up against him. He loved us with all his heart. My mum used to give us cod liver oil in our childhood - we obviouly hated it but cheldur loved it and was always the first in line when my mum get the flask and a spoon in her hand. He liked to go on a tour with the car, even more if we went to a dog exibition.

His descendants are an imense help to cope with his death


Ashanty from the Burning Mountain


She just loved the smell of leather, everytime we went for a walk she used to find a ball, a handbag or even a shoe. You could say she worked on the enhancement of the environment.

Ashanty used to be a peacemaker. Everytime a conflict arose, betweens dogs or humans, she steped right into to drift the arguing parties apart.

She was a very caring mother.


Tiffany de Schliekenkieker


Tiffany a Westhighland white Terrier used to be the head of our pack. She played the stepmother for nearly all of other litters and showed the small big ones to be well aware of big small ones like herself. Her selfconfidence was overwhelming, and everytime she got herself into troubel the big ones got her out of it. So it happens that realy noone dared to not obey her wishes.


Berenice Krozairs of Kregen from the Burning Mountain


She was the daughter of our beloved Cheldur, so it happens that she got a jester's license which she used quite well. She used to sleep in my bed, and sit on the couch when we was watching TV. I am still quite sure she could understand us and not only obey us, she was so intelligent, she used to ring with her water bowl if she was thirsty and the bowl happens to be empty. She never acceptet a no if she wanted to cuddle, she rubbed her head against your arm until you give in and cuddel with her. She was such an impressive Character.



Allisea Krozairs of Kregen

Ashanty und Allisea

Allisea was a mite of a puppy with just 350g. We worried that she wouldn't make it. Even my Grandmother who isn't that much into dogs cared about her, so it happens that she got a lot of extra treat and became the heaviest dog of the litter. My mum just hat to keep her and used to pamper her for the rest of her life.

Allisea relationship to my mum was unique, Alisea became the mother of our C-Litter, and she decided to get her puppies on motherday, therefor she picked my mum up from lthe iving room where she was on the phone and got her all the way to the puppy chamber where Allisea start to give birth to her puppies, one after the other with exact 30 minutes delay between each puppy.


Bodecia Krozairs of Kregen


Bodecia was the perfect Mastiff, and that already as a puppy.

She loved working on the dogs exercise place and on walks, she wanted to work all the time like a real workaholic.

She really wanted to show off with her talents and intelligence but never on a dog show, she just hated all the troubel and the noises there and didn't saw any good in it.

She became my mums favorite.







Desideria Krozairs of Kregen


Desideria is a really calm and charming bitch, she loves to play with kids of all ages. I used to call her Splosh as a pup because she used to dig quite a lot as a puppy and there for had lots of dirt sploshes on her back. Sadly we have to name our dogs in alphapetic litter order else the name would have sticked to her.





Dray Prescot Krozairs of Kregen


Dray uses to be the a merry maker, he is bit like a living teddy bear, he really tries to embrace you with his pawn's so you just have to smile and give him a hug.

He tries to be the godfather to our puppies.





Ellie Krozairs of Kregen

Mara und Ellie

Ellie is my favorite. She is after Dayra the only apricot colored bitch we had and well she is cute, witty and my guardian.

She is as curious as a scientist, if a toy makes a squeaking sound she just has to tore ist apart to find the squeezer.

She dislikes if i try to make a ponytail or even pigtail with my hair, she just starts chewing on my hairbands as soon as i got one sucessfully into my hair so that i give up on doing anything else then wearing my hair open.

Apart of this, she is really watching over me, if i go out late at night she stays up, waiting all the time just behind the door until i come back.




Josie Nike Baroness vom Weserdeich

Heike und Josie

Well Josie is still quite new in our littel family but already conquerd the couch. She is still doing quite a lot of nonsence, her favorite nonsence is to chew on dad's shoes. And she wears cloth, she got her very own pullover for winter.

She is so full of energy i am quite intressted in how she will develop.