Krozairs of Kregen

since 1987


The Mastiff has always been the favorite breed of my husband. Already in his childhood he decided that the mastiff is going to be his dog.

As we decided to found a family, we were soon sure to have a Mastiff as family member.

We began to investigate, visited exhibitions and breeders in Germany and abroad and found out that the breed had a very small population and waiting lists for a puppie was quite long.

The Mastiff was and still is a breed by enthusiast

We decided to wait for a puppy after a visit by the former Kennel "of the Cheviot Hills" from Gisela Wolff-Wittenberg.

During the long waiting time we and Gisela became friends. We worked toghter for the benefit of the Mastiff and became founding Members of the Old english Mastiff Club Germany e.V. in short OEMCD.  
After three years of waiting we couldn't hold it any longer and importet our first Mastiff from Great Britain, her Name was Dayra and we spent quite a long and cheerfull time wit her.

In 1987 we decided to breed with our wonderful bitch Dayra, she had such a nice temper and we couldn't stand the thought that we would have to be without her one day, we wanted at least a descendent of her.

To acquire the nessary knowledge for breeding we start visiting training courses offered from the VDH and Veterinaries. We bought and studied technical literature and asked breeders in Germany and abroad for their advice.

In 1988 i started a training as breed Warden which i finished succesfully, and am still working as abreed Warden for our Kennel Club.

In 2000 my husband was apointet as a judge for the Mastiff breed.

Our dedication to the Mastiff brought us alongside healthy and long-living dogs also several executive posts in the OEMCD.