Krozairs of Kregen

since 1987

Diary Entry

Carneval startet already and finalley something happens in the street. The small humans going out in the night, taking small colorfull lights with them and the tall ones are with them as well. They are singing and making funny noises with shiny yellow things which they take to ther mouth or big round things which make them look really fat and it goes bum bum.

Well anyway we wantet to take part in the fun, as we couldn't use those shiny things or the bum bum thing we went for the singing and startet our best howling. The humans arround us gave us quite a funny glance. And our big ones laughed and told us to be quite, which we did after we got our treats and lots of littel ones start strocking our fur. *sighs* What a beautiful night.




Wookiee is a proud Daddy
Nov. 28, 2009 by Mara


Wookie got already quite a bunch of Kids

1. Wookiee's Kids in Luxembourg

2. Wookiee's Kids in Germany are only viewable in our G-litter Section

3. Wookiee's Kids in the Netherland

Wookiee's offspring already start's with Showbuisness.

Gillian starts her career on the big Dog Show in Tulln in Austria and did quite a good job.

She already announced to show up on the german Dog Show in Rheinberg.
The Show is the "CAC Reinlandsieger dogshow" which takes part on the 27th to 28th of February in 2010.

The Mastiffs are shown on Sunday and will be judged by Milovan Mrdak

If you want to come aswell and take part in the show you can aply with the online entry formular on the


Family Planning
Nov. 28, 2009 by Mara

We are planning a new litter in Spring 2010

Dam: Esmeralda Krozairs of Kregen


After receiving multiple Awards on different Dog Show’s all over the world our beautiful Bitch is finaly intressting in the joy of motherhood.

Her natural skill in comforting old and handicapped People is the reason why we think that she will become loving and caring mother.



Sire: Dralion Sherwood Wookiee Krozair of Kregen


Our American sunny boy is quite a cheerful personality. His show qualities, although still young, are already well known in Germany.





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