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Happy new Litter

Tamina and her first Offsprings

Tamina and her first offspring

Dandylion Tamina Krozair of Kregen is the proud mother of 12 healthy puppies born on the 11th of October 2011. We got 5 boys and 7 girls.

Dralion Sherwoods Wookiee Krozair of Kregen is sire of this beautyfull litter as well as of our last G' Litter with 8 Offsprings which all turned out to be off very high show quality and great character.

We aspect a lot of fun and sleepless nights in the coming days and will provide you with further information on this website as well as on facebook.

Hope moving

Holly on the move




The current pictures are from the first day. More picture are going to come in the next days. Stay tuned ;)


Wookiee is a proud Daddy


Wookie got already quite a bunch of Kids

with Angel v.d.Duncanhof (apricot) Kennel of New Way Castle (Lux)

Date of Birth: 29.12.2008
Puppies:2/1 Funny, Frosko and Falcon Elvis


with Felice Krozairs of Kregen (brindel)
date of Birth: 17.03.2009
Puppies: 3/5
Girls: Gaya (fawn),Genesis (fawn), Gipsy (brindle), Ginger(brindle) and Gillian (brindle).
Boys: Geronimo (brindle), Gallahad (fawn) und Goucho ( fawn).

with Piloe (fawn) Kennel of the mountainous mastiff´s (NL)
Date of Birth: 21.03.09
Puppies: 5/3 Baruch, Bickel, Biggles, Guusje, Jansen, Flo, Lucius, Shuwa (all fawn)

with Hotsand Walker Wolfsbane (Bitta) Kennel LAZYBONES (NL)
Date of Birth:13.08.2010
Puppies : 3/3
2 Brindle and 1 abricot Dog, 1 brindle and 2 fawn bitches

with Begum v.d. Villa Graf , Kennel of the English Connection (D)
Date of Birth
: 21.11.2010
Puppies: 0/1
1 apricot Bitch

Wookiee's offspring already start's with Showbuisness.

Gillian starts her career on the big Dog Show in Tulln in Austria and did quite a good job.

She already announced to show up on the german Dog Show in Rheinberg.
The Show is the "CAC Reinlandsieger dogshow" which takes part on the 12th to 13th of February in 2011.

The Mastiffs are shown on Saturday and will be judged by Milovan Uresovic

If you want to come aswell and take part in the show you can aply with the online entry formular on the


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