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since 1987

Breeding Portrait

A Breed Standard is like a blueprint giving a full description of what the completed result should be. So one would imagine, if we are looking at a dog breed, the description should be the same worldwide. But taking two Standards of the Mastiff, we come across several different interpretations of what, presumably, should be the same product. Human nature being what it is, we, in life, frequently put a different view on the same thing. As we cast our eye over a dog one person may comment that he has adequate bone, another may consider that he is lacking in bone. It is the same animal, but it is seen differently.

We follow the german Standard for the Mastiff breed . It is nearly the same as the english breed Standard, you can read about it in the charaterictis section of our Homepage..

Large, massive, powerful, symmetrical and well-knit frame. A combination of grandeure and good nature, courage and docility. Would be a good describtion of what our dogs are supposed to be. But most important to us is a well educated character. We use to give our puppies already an early education so that the bases for a good character which also comes from their gens is already built up and only waits for your loving care to be trained further.

We want to introduce you to our dogs who are taking an ative role in our current breeding.



Dralion Sherwood Wookiee Krozair of Kregen


Wookiee is our american sunny boy, he is the upcoming star on the european dog shows because of his beautifull appearance.
He is still quite playfull and could melt your heart with just one glance. His best friend is our Cavelier King Charles spaniel Josie so it happens that the two get a lot of attention from other walkers when we go for a walk with them.



Lucky Star
Dec 28, 2010 by Heike

Sherwood´s Lucky Star Krozair of Kregen


Lucky Star is a good american boy with a strong Character. He fit's into the pack immediately.







Dandylion`s Tamina Krozair of Kregen


She is our new beauty from the USA. Tamina likes all kind of nonsence. She is very smart and eager to learn new tricks for treats obviously.

She tries to sneak on the couch as often as possible - even if she has to lay on a few humans.

Apart of this she just loves to run arround and jump about having the time of her life.






Hugedogge Xenia


Willow is our cute litte Dane.
She is even-tempered and could melt your heart with just one glance.